Meet me

You've bumped into an online journal of a twenty something gal, a wife of an extremely lucky guy, a blessed mother of a 2 year old and a homemaker! Yes, I make the home! ;)

Here to create a teeny-weeny space in the blogosphere and to express myself in a way that sounds EXACTLY like ME.

Writing is something I've always been fond of and this instinct was seeded in me by daddy dearest during school days. He along with mom would creatively do my school projects that ranged from making a thermocol clock to setting up a forest with mountain ranges but made sure that only I be involved in anything that required writing, of course he corrected them when necessary! That being a strong base, now, all the beautiful things I feel and all the bad things I need to vent out, everything flows into words, some of which are preserved and some, wantedly lost!

I'm not sure what domain my blogs can be categorized into as they are going to be a blend of everything under the sky! Am going to relish writing them. Hope you guys enjoy too! Wish me luck!

P.s this is me! ;)

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